The main missions of SIRIS are to ensure the management, security and evolution of the backbone network equipment under its responsibility (network segment called « backbone ») and access to the Paris Academic Network (RAP) and Renater.

SIRIS also manages wireless networks (Wi-Fi) throughout the Sorbonne site and provides the requesting institutions several additional services such as the directory, email and web hosting.

In addition, SIRIS brings its expertise to other departments of the « Chancellerie » and « Rectorat » in Sorbonne; it contributes to the network projects of the Villa Finaly (center of scientific meetings and colloquiums), represents the « Chancellerie » on the steering committee of the Parisian Academic Network and in the shared « network » projects between the different Parisian universities.

The SIRIS is governed by a board of directors bringing together the beneficiaries of the site signatory of the SIRIS creation agreement.

This board meets annually to validate the budgetary aspects and the strategic orientations proposed by the director of SIRIS (elected by the Board for a renewable term of 3 years) in terms of evolution of the network and services offered.

Since September 2017, Mr. Frederick Bigrat has been appointed Director of SIRIS.